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We recognise that not everyone has applied for their new bus pass yet and that some are waiting for their new-style card to arrive.

To make sure that those eligible for free travel continue to enjoy the benefits of their bus pass, we’ve agreed with bus operators a two month grace period in the new year. During this time bus drivers will accept both old and new-style cards for travel.

This period in only temporary and if you wish to continue receiving travel benefits into 2020, you’ll need to reapply before 31 January to make sure that we’ve enough time to issue your card before 29 February.

Watch Ken Skates, Minister for Economy and Transport, talk about the grace period.


You can renew your bus pass here.

We're working with all Welsh local councils and Welsh Government to roll out new-style Concessionary Travel Cards by the end of December 2019. These cards will replace the current green 'bus passes' across Wales. The old-style cards will not be recognised by electronic readers on buses after 31 December 2019.

New-style Concessionary Travel Card

The new-style cards offer the same free travel rights and benefits as the current bus passes. The new cards are designed so that they can work as part of an integrated travel network in the future.    

Advice and support with the application process is also available from your local council, Age Cymru and other community organisations. Find out where you can find help in your local area by contacting our help desk at  or call 0300 303 4240.

Residents are encouraged to apply online or ask a friend, family member or someone they trust to apply online on their behalf. 

Paper application forms are available here or by emailing your contact details to They’re also available from your local council.

If you’ve applied for a new card, please be assured we’ve received your details and we’re processing your application. You’ll receive your new card before 31 December 2019.

If you’d like to track your application, please select “My existing card or application”. You’ll be asked to enter your National Insurance number, Date of Birth and Postcode.  Please be aware, it may take up to a week from when you applied before you’re able to check the status of your application.

If you know of people who’ve applied after you but already received their new-style card, please don’t worry. There are instances where this will happen due to the way we check and verify applications.

In the meantime, your existing green bus pass is valid for travel until 31 December 2019

Further information is available here.

Watch Anna show you the few simple steps to apply for your new-style bus pass online.

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