We’re making improvements in the background.

From 7 December 2021, you may need to reactivate or register your account on our website and download our new app.

We are changing our online booking system and as of Tuesday 7 December, when buying your ticket, new and existing customers will be invited to set up a new account.  This means that if you've previously registered with us, you'll need to enter your username, password, and payment details again, to set up an account.   

From Tuesday 7 December 2021 you’ll be able to switch to our new Transport for Wales app. 

Our new app will allow you to buy and manage tickets from your smartphone and track your journey in real-time. It will also provide handy travel information for your journey, so you can always be up to date on what time you will be arriving at your destination and what facilities are available on your journey. 

Our enhanced features are all about making it easier and quicker for our customers to access up-to-date information and buy tickets quickly and easily.


What about the current app? 

With our new app arriving, we say goodbye to our TfW Rail app as we retire it from customer use. 

From Tuesday 7 December 2021, you’ll no longer be able to buy tickets from our ‘TfW Rail’ app. But don’t worry, the ‘TfW Rail’ app will not be inactive as it will be live for 12 weeks to enable you to use the tickets you’ve already bought. 

However, you must use these tickets before we wave goodbye to the old app on Sunday 6 March 2022. 

So, keep your eyes peeled for the new TfW app updates which can be found on this webpage, via our email communications, and through our social media channels. 


Got Multiflex tickets stored in our old app?

As with other tickets, Multiflex* tickets will continue to work until Sunday 6 March 2022 to allow you to use all of your unused tickets. Your 12 Multiflex tickets are valid for 3 months from the day you bought them.
*Multiflex 12 single journey tickets cost the same as 5 Anytime Day Return tickets (10 single journeys), saving you the equivalent of one complete round trip, visit tfw.wales/multiflex for more details.

How do I download the new TFW app? 

From Tuesday 7 December 2021, you’ll be able to download our new TfW app from your device’s app store. 


  • Should I stop using my current Transport for Wales Rail app? 
    • If you have no unused, purchased tickets on your ‘TfW Rail App’, you can download and start using our new ‘TfW App’ from Tuesday 7 December 2021. 

  • Will I still be able to use my stored tickets in the old app? 
    • Yes, the ‘TfW Rail App’ will be live for 12 weeks and you will be able to redeem your tickets until Sunday 6 March 2022.

      Your 12 Multiflex tickets are valid for 3 months from the day you bought them.

  • When can I start using the new app? 
    • The new app will be live in the app store from Tuesday 7 December 2021