Monitoring measures

First published: 20 May 2022

In March 2021 Welsh Government published Llwybr Newydd: The Wales Transport Strategy 2021 which sets out Wales’ transport-related ambitions for the next 20 years and priorities for the next 5 years. The monitoring framework has been designed to track progress against achieving the priorities and ambitions.

The framework is made up of six Key Measures and 27 Subsidiary Measures. The Key Measures are those considered most important in supporting Welsh Government’s overarching aims of mode shift and carbon reduction. We have highlighted which measures will demonstrate progress towards each priority and ambition. The data for each measure gives a picture of the current situation. This will be updated when new data is available.

A Technical Report for 2023 containing a full description of the calculation method used for each of the measures including their technical definition and information about their data sources and frequency, will be published in Autumn 2023.

The Technical Report for 2022  can be found in the Wales Transport Strategy Monitoring Framework technical report 2022 The data sources and calculation methods for a small number of measures have changed from August 2023 and these will be reflected in the 2023 report. (An accessible version of the 2022 Technical Report can be made available on request).

Any queries about data sources or calculation methodologies in advance of publication of the 2023 Technical Report can be sent to