Smooother train travel has arrived

Experience smoother train travel with contactless pay as you go now available exclusively on TfW and Cross-Country services between Cardiff Central, Newport, Pontyclun and stations up to Ebbw Vale. More stations coming soon.

Simply tap in and tap out and we’ll calculate your best value fare.

No more queuing at the ticket machine and no more fumbling around for paper tickets. With contactless pay as you go, simply tap in at the beginning of each journey and tap out at your destination using your contactless card or device.

Our daily and weekly price caps mean you’ll never pay more than you need to, as we’ll automatically charge you the best value fare for the journey you’ve made. Understand more about our pay as you go fares so you know how you’re getting the best deal.

Graphic showing the stations on the journey between Pontyclun and Ebbw Vale Town. Pontyclun, Cardiff Central, Newport, Pye Corner, Rogerstone, Risca and Pontymister, Crosskeys, Newbridge, Llanhilleth, Ebbw Vale Parkway and Ebbw Vale Town

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  • What payment devices can I use for pay as you go travel?
    • You can use your contactless payment card, mobile or smart device to travel with pay as you go. Simply tap on the TfW gates and/or yellow card readers at stations to start and end your journey.

  • What if I want to use my smart device to pay as I go?
    • To activate contactless pay as you go, you must use your physical contactless bank card for first time use on TfW gates and/or validators.

    • Switching payment devices within the first week will affect weekly capping. Please continue to use your physical contactless bank card for the remainder of the week (Monday - Sunday). 

  • Where do I tap in and out?
    • Follow the signage on the pay as you go gates at Cardiff Central and Newport to find the correct gates to tap in and out.

    • At Pontyclun and stations up to Ebbw vale, our yellow card readers can be found on platforms and at Cardiff Central, there is a card reader on Platform 0.




Remember to tap out

Don’t forget to tap out at the end of every journey to avoid paying extra charges. By tapping both in and out on your journey, our system knows where your journey finishes to charge you the correct fare.

  • How long do I have to tap out before extra charges apply?
    • The maximum journey time has been set at 2 hours. If you tap out after 2 hours, you’ll be charged £7 for an incomplete journey.


Watch out for card clash

When using pay as you go across Transport for Wales stations, you must use the same card or device to avoid paying twice. Remember to take your card out of your wallet or purse when using contactless to avoid paying your fare on multiple cards.


Get even more benefits when you register on the TfW app

Keeping track of your train travel couldn’t be easier when you register for an account on the TfW app.

  • See your full journey and payment history in one place.
  • Download your travel receipts in a few taps.
  • Get alerted if you forget to tap out, to avoid extra charges .
  • Enable frequent journey memory based on your travel patterns to allow the app to autocomplete your journeys.

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  • What if I don’t want to register on the app?
    • We recommend registering your card on the TfW app for the best pay as you go experience. However, If you’d prefer not to register your card, you can still use pay as you go as a ‘guest customer’.

    • If you’re a guest customer, you can access your complete journey and payment history through our web portal.

  • Are there any exclusions when using pay as you go?
    • The following exclusions apply when using pay as you go, however these are subject to change.  

      • Pay as you go journeys are not currently available on GWR services.

      • No return journeys: pay as you go operates a single adult journey only.

      • No group tickets: these will need to be purchased from a ticket office.

      • Not permitted for first class travel.

      • No peak and off-peak times.

      • No child tickets, please visit for affordable family travel.

      • Pay as you go does not support the use of concessionary cards.  

  • Where can I download the TfW app?
    • You can download the TfW app from Apple App Store or Google Play store.

      App StoreGoogle Play

  • How do I set up an account and start using pay as you go?
    • Download the TfW app and register your contactless payment card.

    • Step 1
      Open TfW app.

    • Step 2
      Navigate to Pay as you go in footer.

    • Step 3
      Add contactless card details.

    • Step 4
      Upload and confirm card details.

    • Step 5
      Ready to travel.

  • What if I’m travelling in a group?
    • If you’re travelling with multiple people, each person must tap in with a separate bank card or smart device, or they can all purchase a digital or physical ticket.

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Contact us

If you have a problem with a payment or would like to speak to someone about contactless pay as you go, please speak to our dedicated customer service team.

Contact us here


Pay as you go (PAYG) fares only applicable for journeys (when you tap in and out) between Cardiff Central, Newport, Pontyclun and train stations up to Ebbw Vale. Physical bank cards must be used to activate first time use on TfW gates and/or validators. Access to daily and weekly capping only available when using a single physical card or a single device, switching payment devices will affect weekly capping. Incomplete journeys are subject to a total charge of £7.00. Fares and caps subject to change. PAYG journeys are not available on GWR services. Full T&Cs: