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Transport for Wales accounts

Follow our main TfW accounts to hear updates about all modes of transport across Wales and the borders

You can read our social media policy here


Please be alert to fake social media accounts

We’re asking our customers to be aware of fake social media accounts that falsely claim to be Transport for Wales. These could include accounts that have been specifically created to defraud customers as well as spamming, spoof or parody accounts. They may use a profile name and image similar or identical to ours.

Please take care online and double-check that an account is legitimate before engaging with it. 

Double-check handles and names are spelt correctly and how long the account has been active. Here are our social media accounts and the dates they were opened.

Transport for Wales
X: @transport_wales - June 2016
Facebook: - October 2017 
Instagram: - July 2020
Transport for Wales
X: @tfwrail - September 2018

If you’re not sure it’s TfW, please don’t engage with the account and contact us directly instead.

Never provide passwords or payment information - we won’t ask you to provide these through social media. Don’t click on links if you’re not sure an account is legitimate.

If you think you’ve spotted a fake social media account impersonating us, please let us know.

We’ll report fake social media accounts that attempt to impersonate Transport for Wales. We’ll continue to take steps to keep our customers safe when they connect with us through social media.