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Enjoy lower fares for longer distances

Traveling longer distances by train? Advance tickets typically offer our best value for longer rail journeys. So, whether you’re travelling to Manchester for a long overdue catch-up with friends, to Anglesey to unwind or to Birmingham for some retail therapy, you can save on good times, when you buy ahead of time.

Some Advance tickets may be available on your day of travel, but we recommend you buy yours up to 6 weeks before your travel date, as there are a limited number of Advance tickets available for each journey. So you can take advantage of our bestvalue fares, the earlier you book your ticket.

Buying an Advance ticket reserves a place for you on your chosen train, which means you can only travel on the service you have booked. If you need more flexibility around your travel plans, we recommend our Anytime tickets.


Where to buy an Advance ticket

Avoid paying any booking fees and book your tickets direct with us when you buy on the TfW app, website and from a train station booking office.

We’ve added the ability for you to spread payments over 3 instalments using PayPal Pay in 3 if your purchase is over £30. You can find more information on this option when you come to the payment screen.

Buy your Advance train ticket on our app, and enjoy contactless travel when you register an account. Find out more about the TfW app here.


  • Are Advance tickets available for First Class services?
    • Yes. Advance tickets are available for both Standard and First Class services. 

  • Why are Advance tickets one-way?
    • Advance tickets are one-way train tickets, which means, unlike with return tickets, you have the flexibility to mix or match your start and end points to best suit your travel plans.

  • Can I use my Railcard with Advance tickets?
    • Yes. You can also use your Railcard discounts with our Advance fares to save even more.

  • Can I upgrade from Standard to First Class?
    • Yes. You can upgrade from a Standard-Class ticket to First Class on our services, where applicable. This applies for all our Standard tickets including Anytime and Advance Singles, Returns, Season tickets, and Rover and Ranger tickets. Please let the conductor know if you’d like to upgrade and they’ll check if there’s space for you onboard that day.

  • How to change an Advance ticket
    • You can make changes depending on where you bought your ticket and which delivery option you selected. If you do need to make a change, here’s how to do it:

    • If you bought your ticket with us online, you can change it by visiting My Account >> Orders >> Change Journey

      • If you bought your ticket at a station ticket machine or ticket office, 
        just return to the station and we’ll be happy to help

      • If you bought your ticket from another retailer, you can still make changes at any of our ticket offices

      • Unfortunately, you can’t change mobile tickets or e-tickets

      • We charge a £10 fee per ticket to make changes.

  • Can I get a refund on an Advance ticket?
    • Advance tickets cannot be refunded. You may incur a £10 fee for a change of journey when this is arranged at a station ticket office.


Terms and conditions

For customers buying Advance tickets on our app or website, there is no fee for amending a journey, as long as you have an online account. Advance tickets are usually non-refundable and you may incur a £10 fee for a change of journey when this is arranged at a station ticket office. You can get more information about Advance tickets, including terms and conditions, from National Rail.

*Average percentage saved by customers between 01/01/2022 and 31/12/2022 when buying undiscounted TfW Advance tickets compared to the cheapest undiscounted TfW priced Anytime single ticket for the same journey, available on the day of travel, was 51%. Advance fares are subject to availability. National Rail Conditions of travel apply.