We want you to be inspired to think differently about public transport so you can make more sustainable travel choices.

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Make more sustainable travel choices today

The pandemic has made us all think differently about what's important to us and the way we live our lives.

We're all keen to get back to visiting family and friends and getting out and about. Traveling by public transport has an important part to play in helping us do this.

We believe the original meaning of a 'social network' has been lost. It once meant strolling with a friend, not scrolling through a feed, or seeing city sights, rather than visiting websites.

We're reclaiming the meaning of a 'social network'. Traveling with us can help you reconnect with what really matters to you.

We want to inspire people to travel more sustainably whether they're reconnecting with friends and family, rediscovering the places they love, visiting new places, or getting back to work.

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What's our campaign about?

We want to inspire people to travel more sustainably by bus, rail, bike or to walk when they're meeting their friends, traveling for leisure or returning to work.

We're reconnecting people

The anti-social effects of the pandemic left many of us feeling isolated, but we know how important it is for people to be able to get out and about to visit family and friends again. We want people to choose public transport when reconnecting with people and to feel confident doing so.

We're reconnecting places

We all missed getting out and about because of the pandemic but now we want people to choose public transport when they're visiting the places they love.

We're helping people return to work

The pandemic has meant many of us have changed the way we work, and we want people to travel safely using public transport to get to work.