Use your local fflecsi bus to get from A to B

fflecsi is an exciting new demand-responsive bus service we’re providing in partnership with your local council and bus operators.

It’s a different, more flexible way of travelling over shorter distances. Whether that’s getting to work, school, the shops or perhaps your hospital appointment. 


How does it work?

Traditionally, catching the bus meant waiting at a ‘stop’ for our bus to arrive at its scheduled time.

fflecsi is different. It allows you to book your bus journey in advance by phone or app, a bit like a taxi service. We then let you know where to catch the bus and what time it will arrive.

Your fflecsi bus operates in a ‘service area’ rather than travelling between fixed bus stops.

The bus will pick you up as close as possible to your destination when you book. It will change its route once you’re onboard to drop you off as close as possible to your chosen destination. The bus will travel anywhere its safe and practical for it to go.

Find your local fflecsi service here

Find out more about fflecsi bus services


Use it to link up with the rail or bus network

If that sounds like a great way to get around in your local community, your fflecsi service can also be a convenient way to start (or finish) journeys further afield as well. 

You can use fflecsi to link up with timetabled bus services in your area, the national rail network or the beautiful walking and cycling routes found across Wales. 

The possibilities are endless.



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