Booking assisted travel and planning your journey

We’re working on new initiatives to help customers with access needs to travel comfortably, safely and as independently. You can find out more here.

We want everyone to travel with confidence. That is why, if you are planning on travelling with Transport for Wales Rail services, you can request an assistance booking in advance - now up to 2 hours before your journey is due to start, any time of the day. 

Please contact us by:

  • Calling our Assisted Travel team: 03330 050 501
  • Using our Next Generation Text service 18001 03330 050 501 (for people with hearing and speech difficulties):
  • Online

 Please note that our opening times are 24 hours every day, except Christmas Day.  


Can I book assisted travel on Christmas Day to travel Boxing Day? 

Many rail services are closed on Christmas Day. However, if you want to make a booking on Christmas Day to travel on Boxing Day, please call National Rail Enquiries on 08000 223 720 (or textphone 08456 050 600).


How much notice do I need to give to book assisted travel? 

When booking assisted travel you do not need to give us more than 2 hours’ notice. You can book further in advance if you prefer.  The Assisted Travel team can: 

  • Help you book assisted travel and reserve a seat or wheelchair space for journeys across the National Rail network 

  • Answer any questions you have about the accessibility of stations and trains.

Please be aware that you can always simply “turn up and go” without booking assistance in advance, or if you have made an online booking that has not yet been confirmed. We will provide assistance to get you to your destination.


What help is available to me if I book assisted travel?

If you book assisted travel in advance, we can arrange for our staff to help you on and off the train at any station. This applies only during the hours when trains are due to stop at them. When you book assisted travel we can arrange:

  • Making a ramp available to get you on and off the train

  • Guiding you through the station and on or off the train 

  • Finding you a seat on the train 

  • Reserving a seat or wheelchair space, if this is possible, on our services or those of other rail companies 

  • Helping make connections with other train companies in one single booking 

  • Helping with luggage


Can I still get help if I don’t book assisted travel?

If you have not booked assisted travel in advance, we will still provide help if possible, but this may take longer to arrange. Please speak to a member of our staff. They will help you get on your intended train or the next available one. 

Please arrive at least 20 minutes before the time of your intended train so that staff can make arrangements to escort you to the platform in plenty of time to board your train. 

At stations where there are no staff to help you, our conductors can help you on board (for example, by using the on-board ramp). In this case you need to be on the platform in time for the train. 


What help is available at unstaffed stations?

Most of our stations either do not have staff or only have ticket office staff who cannot provide assisted travel. 

The conductor on the train will help you on board. If you need help at an unstaffed station or a station where there are only ticket office staff, please contact the Assisted Travel team

If you arrive at an unstaffed station and need help but have not booked assisted travel in advance, please contact the Assisted Travel team. You will find contact details on the information poster at the station entrance. 

The Assisted Travel team can arrange alternative transport for you or organise for a conductor to help you on or off the train if you can get to the platform. 

We make sure that specific arrangements are made for passengers needing help at any station when a special event is taking place nearby (especially at Cardiff Central and Chester stations).

We also make sure that the arrangements for providing help at any station are shown on each station’s page on the National Rail Enquiries website (

Can I use assisted travel to travel to Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland or international journeys?

We’re sorry but, no this isn’t possible. You cannot use the assisted travel service for international journeys or journeys to Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland. For onward travel by air, ferry or Eurostar (into Europe) you will need to contact the transport provider about arranging help.


What happens if things go wrong?

We aim to provide reliable assisted travel based on your needs. However, if something goes wrong, please let our Customer Relations team know. We will consider providing appropriate compensation (including a full or partial refund) depending on the circumstances.

We welcome comments on any part of our service, including when facilities are not working. 

24/7 every day (except Christmas Day and Boxing Day)

Our team can send you a copy of this document or our policy document in a standard or alternative format (for example large print) free of charge. 

Our Head of Customer Experience has day-to-day responsibility for our Disabled People’s Protection Policy. You can contact them through our Customer Relations team.


What support can TfW give me as a disabled person or mobility impaired customer (Orange Wallet Scheme).

The Orange Wallet Scheme is funded by the Welsh Government. The scheme aims to help people, especially those on the autistic spectrum, cope more easily with public transport. The wallet contains a space which can be written on and personalised to help passengers communicate with staff. It can also be a helpful tool for people with hidden impairments (that is, disabilities and difficulties that may not be obvious to others). 

24/7 every day (except Christmas Day and Boxing Day)