The free travel scheme for refugees will run from 26 March for until 31 March 2023

The free travel scheme for refugees provides unlimited travel on:

  • Transport for Wales rail services across Wales
  • bus and Transport for Wales train services that cross into England if starting or finishing in Wales
  • all local bus services

Please note: This scheme is valid on TfW services between two TfW stations only. Tickets must be purchased for non-TfW stations and services.


Who can use the free travel scheme

The scheme is available for all refugees and those seeking international protection in Wales, in line with our Nation of Sanctuary vision on production of one of the following:

  •  Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) marked that someone is a ‘Refugee’, has ‘HP’ or ‘Humanitarian Protection’, or includes the words ‘Afghan’, ‘Ukraine’ or ‘Hong Kong’;
  • Personally addressed letter issued by the Home Office / Home Secretary confirming anyone of the statuses in subsection a; or
  • Valid Ukrainian, Afghan or Hong Kong British National Overseas passport.


    There is no need to apply to participate in this scheme.

    If you are consistently unable to produce valid proof of eligibility, free travel may not be provided, and standard fares may apply.

    Fraudulent use will result in free transport being withdrawn immediately and reported to the relevant authorities. This may lead to prosecution.

    Individual operator conditions of carriage apply for journeys made.