Applying: What to expect


You’ll need to send us your completed application form along with a copy of your CV. You may also be asked to complete a personal statement form asking you a series of questions related to the apprenticeship. Please be sure to send this if asked.

Don’t shy away from giving as much detail as you can about who you are, your skills and how they apply to your role. Remember, this is your opportunity to make yourself stand out.

Assessment days

Should your application be shortlisted, we’ll invite you to attend one of our assessment days. There’ll be plenty of opportunities to show us your personality and skills, and learn more about TfW and our apprenticeships.

During the day, you may be asked to participate in various group and individual exercises that will focus on areas such as your teamwork, problem-solving and interpersonal skills. You’ll also be able to see some of our fantastic onsite facilities and get a feel for the culture and working environment we enjoy.

Be yourself and let your personality shine. We value individuality, so don’ be afraid to show it. This is your opportunity to find out as much as you can to decide if an apprenticeship is for you. Do your research and come prepared with some questions of your own.


If you’re successful following the assessment day you’ll be invited back for an interview. This will be the final part of the recruitment process where you’ll be asked some questions to explore your skills and experiences and how they relate to your chosen apprenticeship.

Come prepared with some examples of your work experience, academic studies or personal experiences that demonstrate the key skills required for your apprenticeship role. 

Making a decision

We’ll stay in touch with you to make sure you’re fully aware of each stage of the recruitment journey. If you’ve been successful, we’ll contact you to offer you a place in our Apprenticeship Academy.

If your application is unsuccessful, we’ll be sure to inform you as soon as possible and provide feedback on your interview. We may also take the opportunity to discuss other pathways and opportunities we have available that we think you may be interested in.