We’re building five types of train that we’re asking children to name.

There’ll be different trains in each region to name.

From 2023, an £800m investment will ensure that 95% of rail journeys in Wales and its borders are on new trains. More than half the trains will be assembled in Wales. 


Long distance services

Class 197 from Transport for Wales

CAF DMU – Class 197

The brand-new Class 197s and being assembled in Newport. They are due to enter service from 2022 on long-distance services throughout the Wales and Borders network, serving destinations as varied as Holyhead, Fishguard and Liverpool.

Class 230 from Transport for Wales

Class 230

In their former lives, the 230s were London Underground D Stock trains, serving the Metropolitan, District and Circle Lines until 2017. They’ve since been completely rebuilt, adding a diesel-hybrid engine and improving their interior. They’ll be introduced on the Wrexham-Bidston Line.


South Wales Metro 


The South Wales Metro is an integrated public transport network that will make it easier for people travel across the Cardiff Capital Region, transforming rail and bus services as well as cycling and walking. 
From December 2022, we’ll be introducing new trains that provide customers with level boarding.


Class 231 from Transport for Wales

Stadler FLIRT (DEMU) - Class 231

Four-carriage electric and diesel trains similar to our tri-mode trains.

Stadler FLIRT (TMMU) - Class 756 at a station plaform

Stadler FLIRT (TMMU) - Class 756

We'll be using innovative Tri-mode multiple unit (diesel, electric, battery) which are much greener for the environment. Currently being built in Switzerland by Stadler.

You can take an interactive virtual reality tour of this train here.

Stadler Citylink - Class 398 at test track in Valencia

Stadler Citylink - Class 398

You can expect to see these units on the railway and on-street tramways. Being built in Valencia by Stadler these electric/battery tram-train have good acceleration and are environmentally friendly.


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