Take a sneak peek at our Metro trains

Take a virtual tour of our new trains by clicking the button below. These trains will significantly increase our capacity and transform our customers’ travelling experiences.  They’ll also offer lots of new features including level boarding, increased bicycle storage space and air conditioning.

The experience works best using a VR headset but you can still explore and move by using your desktop or mobile

Launch VR


Use the menu within the interactive tour to move around and explore as described below.

Symbol Action
Backward Move back a screen
Screens View all screens 
Pan left Pan left
Right Pan right
Up Pan up
Down Pan down
Zoom in Zoom in
Zoom out Zoom out
VR mode Enter VR mode (Splits screen for VR glasses)
Full screen Full screen
Hide menu Hide menu
Forward Move forward a screen
Gyro To use motion sensors in a Smartphone or tablet to look around.


A number of South Wales Metro projects have been part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Welsh Government.