Metro will create opportunities for all in North Wales

Our aim is to transform rail and bus services and walking and cycling across North Wales. We want to make it easier and faster to travel across the region and build better connections with the Northwest of England. This will help create more opportunities for our communities and support inward investment for the area.

The geography of North Wales has shaped travel in the region. There is a mix of urban and rural areas, including mountainous regions, particularly within the Eryri National Park. Research shows us that the population is concentrated in the north-east and northern coastal areas with the majority of car journeys being short in length and to the same or neighbouring area. That’s why we are working with the Welsh Government, local authorities and our partners to improve public transport and walking and cycling options. It will help us to encourage alternative, sustainable travel choices.


  • What improvements can you expect to see?
    • We’re introducing more modern, efficient and sustainable ways to travel. This is what is underway already:

      • In May 2019, we launched our new Liverpool to Wrexham service via the Halton Curve, improving links between Liverpool and North Wales.

      • In 2023 we introduced a new timetable on the Borderlands Line between Wrexham and Bidston. It includes an additional 8 trains per day - 4 in each direction. This has helped to significantly improve services on this line.


North Wales Transport Commission 

The North Wales Transport Commission made recommendations on how to make transport work better in North Wales. Its remit covered Anglesey, Gwynedd, Conwy, Denbighshire, Flintshire and Wrexham. It was supported by the Welsh Government and Transport for Wales.

The Commission considered how a shift could be made to more sustainable transport, for both people and freight, in the short, medium and long term. It looked at the needs of both urban and rural areas and took a multimodal approach, considering rail, bus, walking and cycling.

The recommendations included viable alternatives to private car journeys and a transport system that makes life better for everyone in North Wales, as well as supporting the journey to net zero.

You can view the final report here.


Lee Robinson
Lee Robinson

“In the coming years Transport for Wales will be improving and enhancing the transport network in North Wales as we work together with partners to deliver the Welsh Government’s vision of building an integrated transport network for the whole of Wales. Our North Wales plans will play an important part in ensuring that it meets local and regional needs.”

Lee Robinson, TfW’s Executive Director for Regional Transport and Integration