TfW FOI Request - Cardiff Metro - Penarth

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Cardiff Metro - Penarth

Date issued: 13 August 2019

Thank you for your Freedom of Information (FOI) Act request of 10 July 2019. You requested the following information:

Updated information regarding extension to the current network in penarth beyond the current terminus.

Previously I was informed that there was no intention to extend the rail network with electric light rail or otherwise and that routes beyond penarth would be satisfied by integrated bus routes with an oyster card system. In light of recent publication of an updated map illustrating extensions beyond penarth and an accompanying aspiration of cardiff council to provide a rail system capable of supplying south penarth can you please provide me with further clarification on this.

The details you are seeking are:

• what form the proposals or aspirations take,

• timetables for next stages including consultation,

• details of what decisions including whether to take any further consultation steps have been taken on this since my last correspondence in Nov 22 2018,

• routes (proposed or otherwise),

• details of any additional infrastructure, and

• conversations concerning changes to existing developments which may be needed as a result of being on or close to routes being considered.

We can confirm that we hold some of the information requested.

Penarth is currently a single line known as the Branch Line. A second line is planned and will run in parallel with the existing line for around 1,120 metres. This new line will be called the ‘Down Main’. The new ‘Down Main’ Platform will be staggered to the existing Branch Platform due to site topography. The existing Branch line will be re-named the ‘Up Main’ as post construction there will be two tracks. There are no planned extensions to the existing buffer stop at Penarth.

A new second 120 metre platform will be constructed on the down side. The original proposal was to have a step-down access to the new platform from Stanwell Bridge. However, after carrying out a site visit it is believed People with Reduced Mobility ramp access is feasible. Level Boarding will allow passengers to access a train without having to step up or down. There are currently no timetables for new services. Four trains per hour will run to Penarth from 2023.

No consultations on the Penarth line have been carried out since 22 November 2018. The preliminary design stage does not commence until January 2020. This will include determination of any required consultation. At present, it is unclear what interventions are required. However, construction will be along the existing rail corridor. Information regarding any Cardiff council aspirations to provide a rail system capable of supplying south Penarth will have to be referred to Cardiff Council. We do not hold any information on these aspirations.

Details of new station facilities at Penarth are:

• 4 x Customer Information Screen renewals

• 2 x Help point renewals

• Public Address equipment refresh

• 3 x new Ticket Validators

• Seating upgrade

• 16 x new covered cycle racks

• CCTV & Lighting upgrade

• Waiting Room refurbishment

• Shelter ‘light’ refurbishment

• Painting, re-fresh and minor works

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Transport for Wales.

Yours sincerely

Transport for Wales