TfW FOI Request - Software Systems

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Software Systems

Date issued: 06 February 2019

I am writing in response to your Freedom of Information request on software systems.

You asked:

What Software Systems are currently used by the Council (please identify each system if more than one is used) for:

  • Programme and / or Project management?
  • Risk Management recording and reporting
  • Performance Management reporting
  • Freedom of Information recording and tracking

2. When do the contracts expire for each software system used?

3. Do you have any planned changes or upgrades of the software currently used? If so, when?

4. How much does each system cost including both the initial licence fee and the annual charge?

5. If you do not have a system how are programmes and projects managed currently?

6. How (which procurement route or framework) was the contract initially tendered and when was this tender awarded?

7. If no software or tendered contract is in place currently are you considering tendering or purchasing further software within the next 12 months? If so via which procurement route or framework would you be using?

8. How many users / licenses for each system have you purchased for each system?

9. Who is the person responsible for the identified Software Systems? Please provide full name, title and contact information if possible.

As Transport for Wales is not a council, we asked you on 9 January 2019 to clarify whether this request for information was intended for Transport for Wales.

As you have not clarified whether this request was intended for Transport for Wales, I can confirm that we do not hold recorded information requested that meets the description of your request.

Kind regards