TfW FOI Request - Waste Management

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Waste and plastic on TfW services

I am writing in response to your Freedom of Information request on waste and plastic on TfW services.

You asked:

  • How many tonnes of waste are produced on TfW services each year?
  • Of this, how much is recycled?
  • What percentage of goods sold on TfW services are packaged either partially or wholly in single-use plastic?
  • How much profit does TfW make from sale of goods on its services (not including tickets)

Please also include any other information you have available that you feel would be relevant to these questions.

Data provided by TfW Rail Service’s waste management supplier, Biffa, states that for the period 1 November 2017 to 31 October 2018, TfW services generated 1352 tonnes of waste. All the data prior to 13 October 2018, relates to Arriva Trains Wales.

The average recycling rate over the period was 25%, with disposal of waste to energy 38%.

We currently do not hold the information requested on percentage of goods sold on TfW services which are either single use plastic, partial or wholly packaged.

Sale of goods and services on-board is a is a contracted-out service managed by Rail Gourmet and represents a net cost to TfW Rail Services.

Kind regards

Jeremy Morgan