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Do I need to provide personal details to use your Wi-Fi?

You must agree to the Wi-Fi Terms of Use when you connect, but TfW do not require your personal details to use our Wi-Fi at stations or aboard trains. We do not require you to login to Facebook, Google etc., nor enter any financial information to access our Wi-Fi service.


Can I use a VPN?

Yes, we’d recommend using a VPN client for secure access to company intranets and mail servers. Check that your company VPN supports NAT traversal and allows multiple connections from a single IP address. Please log in through the portal page before you use your VPN.


What speeds can I expect?

Although we cannot guarantee a minimum speed at stations and aboard our trains, we aim to provide ~1MB/s. Actual speeds will be influenced by the number of users online and network signal to our trains.


Can I use more than one device?

Yes, you will simply need to follow the steps at the top of the page for each device.


Are there any data usage limits?

Station Wi-Fi - the Fair Usage Policy is 20GB per device. Once reached, connection speeds will be throttled. The 20GB usage policy resets every month.

Train Wi-Fi - the Fair Usage Policy is 50MB per device. Once reached, connection speed will be limited to 256KB/s. The 50MB usage policy resets after four hours.


Why are some websites blocked?

We block certain categories of web traffic to allow faster overall speeds and a safer browsing experience for all ages. If you feel that a website is incorrectly blocked, please speak to a member of TfW staff so that they can raise it for review.


Are there locations/trains free Wi-Fi is not available?

There are a small number of Class 153 trains whereby Wi-Fi is not offered. These operate on the City Line and Cardiff Bay routes.

Station Wi-Fi is available at the vast majority of stations within Wales.


How can I get help?

If you need any assistance with connecting the Wi-Fi, or reporting an issue with it, please approach a member of TfW staff onboard a train, or at a station. Alternatively, contact us via Twitter @tfwrail or our Customer Relations Team by WhatsApp 07790 952 507 Monday to Friday 07:00 - 20:00, Saturday 08:00 - 20:00 and Sunday 11:00 - 20:00.