We’ll decarbonise Wales’ transport networks and improve air quality in the communities we serve

We’re delivering the Welsh Government’s ambition of enabling people to travel in a greener, more sustainable way in Wales.

We’ll decarbonise our transport networks and improve air quality in the communities we serve. As part of this commitment, new and cascaded rolling stock will be progressively introduced over the next few years which will be more environmentally friendly than the existing fleet.

We’re introducing the first hybrid train in the UK, the Class 230, on the Wrexham to Bidston service. These combine the use of modern batteries with lightweight diesel engines which comply with the latest European emission standards.

From 2022 onwards, electrification will see bi-mode and tri-mode trains introduced on the Core Valley Lines. They’ll operate entirely from overhead electric power supplemented by batteries. These electric trains will be far more efficient than the diesel trains they’ll replace. The electrification will be powered by 100% renewable energy, with at least 50% sourced in Wales, meaning services on the Core Valley Lines will be entirely emission free.

While diesel-operated trains will continue to operate on many other routes, most services will be operated by a brand-new fleet of trains, many of which will be assembled in Wales. These will feature diesel engines that comply with the latest European standards and will provide significantly reduced emissions of particulates, NOx and CO2.