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We’re developing the Taff’s Well Depot to integrate with the Taff Trail in order to link a key commuter route into Cardiff

Well-being goals

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Integration Long term

More sustainable choices

We want our future transport network to encourage more sustainable travel choices and contribute to a reduction in vehicle emissions. That’s why we’re improving active travel infrastructure, like cycle parking, at our stations and incorporating active travel in our other projects.

We’re committed to ensuring that active travel is a key element of our future transport network in Wales and are working hard to make walking and cycling to our stations easier. We’re also considering active travel improvements as part of other infrastructure projects where these can contribute to enhancing local active travel networks.

Taffs Well development

The Taff’s Well depot development site is located next to the Taff’s Well railway station as well as the Taff Trail, a major section of the National Cycle Network in Wales and a key commuter route for cyclists travelling into Cardiff. As part of the design process for our Taff’s Well depot proposals, we worked with a number of stakeholders, including the local authority and cycle user representatives, to identify opportunities to improve the existing route and to make it more direct as part of the local network.

Along with the works to the Taff Trail itself, our wider improvements to the Taff’s Well railway station will also include enhancement of the cycle parking facilities available to make it more attractive for people to combine public transport with active travel for longer distance journeys.

I’m really excited about the opportunities we have at Transport for Wales to promote and provide for active travel. Collaboration will need to be at the heart of that journey and this project is a great example of the benefits of working together.

Mathew Gilbert

Active Travel Lead