Electric bike sharing scheme

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Transport for Wales and Network Rail joined forces with the Vale of Glamorgan Council to deliver the nextbike scheme outside Penarth station.

Ten e-bike docking and charging points have been installed outside Penarth Station, meaning customers can hop straight off the train and explore the town
through low cost, energy efficient and emission-free transport.

E-bikes are similar to normal bikes, but with a motor, making it easier to pedal. The bikes are ideal for longer distance journeys as cyclists can reach top speeds of 25km per hour.

With a picturesque seafront, well-kept parks and a high street boasting a mix of national and independent shops, Penarth is a fantastic place to spend a day, with the station ideally positioned to explore the area


Network Rail, who own the land the station sits on, say the scheme also fits into their long-term strategy for building a sustainable rail network across Britain.
Funded by the Vale of Glamorgan Council, the scheme follows the successful introduction of pedal bike share schemes in Cardiff and Swansea.

Customers can download an easy to use app from nextbike allowing them to rent the cycle. They can then use the cycle for as long as they want before returning to any compatible nextbike docking station.

The Penarth fleet launched on November 12 and is hoped to reduce congestion and CO2 levels, along with bringing public health benefits to its users.

The Vale of Glamorgan Council are working with Cardiff Council to create a seamless system that will link the two schemes. This will soon allow users to travel between and return bikes to both locations.

This is welcome investment at Penarth station for our passengers. With our stakeholders, we are aiming to
make stations an integral part of each community, and this will do just that; by improving the facilities available to
the community and promoting sustainable ways in which people can travel to and from the station will make Penarth a greener and more enjoyable place to visit


Alex Huxtable

Business Development Manager

Network Rail