Future leaders academy

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The Future Generations Leadership Academy

The Future Generations Leadership Academy is a partnership programme led by the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales, Sophie Howe

Well-being goals


Ways of working

Collaboration Long term


The Leadership Academy has focused on skills for future, by supporting a cohort of 20 young leaders across Wales, from a wide range of organisations who have a responsibility to support the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act. The Academy has focused on developing skills, to ensure we are equipped in being Leaders of now and future Wales. It has allowed cross collaboration between different private, public and third sector organisations in order to challenge us and allow us to focus on developing solutions in order to protect the Future Generations.

The Academy has gone from strength to strength. We have attended workshops, conferences and a number of sessions in order to understand ourselves and others and how we can put the 5 ways of working and 7 well-being goals into action, within our organisation and beyond! There will be opportunities for reverse mentoring, public forums and a leadership retreat, which will focus on putting leadership in action and how we can shape Wales, for the better.


For many of us, the Academy started in October 2019 where we were lucky enough to attend One Young World in London; the first Welsh delegates to do so! We were fortunate to have the opportunity to really show the rest of the word how Wales are leading the way with this important legislation but also, take inspiration away from the work of other countries and embed their practises into Wales.

“Being part of the Academy has allowed personal growth but has allowed reflection on what Future Wales needs to look like. We all have a part to play in protecting the future and the Academy does exactly that by giving the skills and mindset for the future voices in Wales.

Emily-Rose Jenkins
Geotechnical Engineer