North Wales Regional Energy Planning Group

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We've contributed to the work of the North Wales Regional Energy Planning Group.

Well-being goals

A resilient Wales

Ways of working



Over the past year, TfW has attended two North Wales Regional Energy Workshops which work towards achieving the following low carbon energy objectives: 

  • Position North Wales as one of the leading locations for energy generation and energy related supply chain investment. 
  • Ensure that North Wales has a quality and modern infrastructure to accommodate and facilitate sustainable growth in the low carbon energy sector and to promote innovation with new technology



Projects within the programme include: 

  • Trawsfynydd Power Station Project 
  • Morlais Project 
  • Smart local energy networks 
  • Low carbon energy centre of excellence.

Items presented and discussed at the workshops included: 

  • Energy Vision background
  • Net Zero carbon modelling 
  • Absolute Contraction method
  • Scenario modelling 
  • Energy Vision highlights.

This is an innovative way to discuss the vision and contributions of the public sector and business groups towards common energy saving objectives

Gary Blewitt

Assistant Project Manager