Real Living Wage

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Transport for Wales is an accredited Real Living Wage Employer

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The real Living Wage

Wales has one of the highest proportions of non-Living Wage jobs in the UK (24%), with around 268,000 jobs paying less than the real Living Wage. In 2016, the government introduced a higher minimum wage rate for all staff over 25 years of age. However, the government's 'national living wage' is not calculated according to what employees and their families need to live. Instead, it is based on a target to reach 60% of median earnings by 2020, which equates to £8.21 per hour.

The real Living Wage is the only rate calculated according to what people need to make ends meet. It provides a voluntary benchmark for employers that choose to take a stand by ensuring their staff earn a wage that meets the costs and pressures they face in their everyday lives.


We aim to deliver public investment with a social purpose that is fully aligned with Welsh Government policy and brings benefits to the people of Wales, including our staff.

In November 2019, we proudly became a Real Living Wage employer, supporting the simple idea that a hard day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay. The commitment ensures everyone working at Transport for Wales receives a minimum hourly wage of £9.30. Additionally, all subcontractors are paid the Living Wage and suppliers are only selected if they agree to pay their team members the Living Wage.

The Welsh Government committed to take forward the Fair Work Commission and the steps we need to take to make Wales a Fair Work nation, with payment of the real living wage in all companies receiving public funds as an early step. The number of companies implementing the living wage continues to grow and I’m pleased to see Transport for Wales becoming one of them.

Ken Skates 

Welsh Government