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We sent a team of volunteers to help clean up Ynysangharad Park in Pontypridd following the devastating floods brought by Storm Dennis.

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Strom Dennis

Following the devastating impacts of Storm Dennis in February 2020, our colleagues came together to show their support for communities which were badly affected. Team members from various departments offered their time over four days to assist in clean-up operations in Pontypridd. Volunteer days were coordinated with Rhondda Cynon Taff County Borough Council who determined how to best allocate our resources.

The volunteers helped out in the Bowls Club in Ynysangharad Park, shovelling out silt, stones and debris that had been left by the river. Thanks to their tremendous effort, the teams managed to remove around 7 tonnes in adverse weather. They also cleared out broken or damaged building infrastructure, such as doors, door frames and skirting boards from the Bowls pavilion and assisted in clearing out the Lido

Our work

In addition to time, many colleagues and corporate partners are supporting recovery efforts by donating and raising money to aid affected communities. We are encouraging people to think long-term and want to help them strengthen, not just repair their homes after the recent damage caused by the floods. We will be working closely with recognised charitable organisations across Wales and the Borders to appropriately direct the funds. This will drive community development activities designed to provide environmental protection against future events and help our communities recover.

We were also able to donate many essential items that RCT eagerly needed, such as cleaning equipment and materials, food, and clothing to be distributed to those affected. TfW colleagues are able to take up to three days off each year towards volunteering in the community. We recognise our duty of care to communities across Wales and the borders, not just our customers, and are committed to providing as much support to them as we can

It was really great to spend the day playing just a small part to support our new community, and really showed how you don't get the full sense of the flood damage from TV and online news.” Ryan Sheehan Transport Data Officer

 Ryan Sheehan

Transport Data Officer