Our Annual Report looks back at our achievements and successes of 2021/22.

The report details how we're recovering from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and creating a safe and sustainable transport network. 

Our aim is to make transport in Wales truly sustainable and fit for future generations.

We’re creating an integrated transport network fit for the future, one that contributes to the long-term sustainability of Wales and of those communities connected to us, to help achieve the seven well-being goals of the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015.

Our vision is to create customer-focused services through a safe transport network of which Wales is proud.

Our purpose is to provide sustainable transport services that keep Wales moving.


Read our full Annual Report here


Chair’s statement | Scott Waddington

"The past year has again been one of challenge and change for Transport for Wales. We’ve continued to work with partners to deliver services through the pandemic in a way that has allowed our customers to travel as safely and reliably as possible, prioritising the well-being of customers and colleagues.

We’ve also continued with our ambitious plans for the Welsh transport network in both developing plans for future schemes and in continuing with our construction programmes including the South Wales Metro."

Chief Executive’s statement | James Price

"Making sustainable transport the easiest, most attractive and routine option for the people of Wales is our priority as Transport for Wales. We’re creating the right set of services and products for the future and increasing people’s willingness and ability to use them.

This will help us deliver the ambitious targets Welsh Government have set out for modal shift and to give the people of Wales a transport network of which they can be proud."


2021/22 At a glance