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Who we are


Transport for Wales (TfW) is a subsidiary company wholly owned by Welsh Government, which exists to drive forward the Welsh Government's vision of a high quality, safe, integrated, affordable and accessible transport network that the people of Wales can be proud of. TfW is the parent company of the group, and is the Welsh Government’s expert advisor and advocate for transport related matters. Whilst TfW does provide technical advice to the Welsh Government in order to inform and develop policy; TfW does not set policy, nor do we exercise any statutory functions. TfW is not a transport authority.

As the parent company of the group, TfW has overall responsibility for rail services across Wales and its border regions (delivered by TfW Rail Limited); whilst we are becoming increasingly involved in bus and active travel schemes across Wales. As our remit continues to expand, we are working to deliver a world-class, fully integrated multi-modal transport network that will make a real difference to people, communities and businesses across Wales. We want to make public transport the safe, easy and obvious choice for the people of Wales, reducing car dependency to help meet Wales' ambitious decarbonisation targets, and ensure that transport in Wales is truly sustainable and fit for future generations. Our integrated transport network will connect rural and urban communities across Wales, bringing the investment and opportunities to local economies that people need to thrive.

We are undertaking a significant programme of infrastructure transformation along the Core Valley Lines, introducing new rolling stock, improving stations and working on the implementation of a more efficient, frictionless service for customer contact that inspires trust, enthusiasm and confidence. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and we're continuously improving our understanding of their needs to provide customer-centric, safe, sustainable services.

TfW Rail Limited

TfW Rail Limited is a subsidiary company of TfW, responsible for the day-to-day operation of rail services across the Wales and Borders network. TfW Rail Limited was created as the Welsh Government's appointed ‘Operator of Last Resort’ in February 2021, to succeed the existing KeolisAmey Wales operated rail franchise, TfW Rail Services, that was established in October 2018. The onset of the Coronavirus pandemic in early 2020 presented the UK rail industry with significant, unprecedented challenges that resulted in a considerable reduction in both footfall and revenue. As such, the KeolisAmey Wales TfW Rail Service franchise came to an end, and rail services across Wales and its border regions came into public ownership. TfW Rail Limited was established, and now manages 248 stations and operates all mainline services wholly within Wales, as well as services connecting Wales with Chester, Shrewsbury, Liverpool, Manchester, Crewe, Bidston and Cheltenham. 

TfW Innovation Services Limited

TfW Innovation Services Limited is a joint venture between TfW, Keolis and Amey, where TfW has the majority shareholding. The company provides specialist expertise and capability to drive innovation and change for the wider TfW group, enabling the delivery of an integrated multi-modal transport system for the people of Wales and its borders.

Pullman Rail Limited

Pullman Rail Limited is a subsidiary company of TfW, coming under the ownership of TfW in August 2021. Pullman Rail Limited continues to operate as a stand-alone company, delivering services under its own brand. Operating from its depot in Canton, Cardiff, Pullman Rail provides technical rail expertise; specialised rolling stock upgrades; repair, refurbishment and maintenance of all passenger and freight rail vehicles; and engineering solutions.