I need to make connections with other train companies during my journey. Can I get assistance? 

By booking assisted travel in advance, with us or another train company, we can help you make connections with other trains at our stations, whether or not that train is one of ours. This includes when trains change platforms or announcements are made at short notice. If you are visually impaired, we can guide you to your next train to make a connection. We always provide assisted travel whenever we can, but it may take some time to arrange. So we recommend you book assisted travel for unstaffed stations where you need help to change trains.

If you book assisted travel in advance, we can arrange for a conductor or station staff to help you on and off the train at any station during the hours when trains are due to stop at them. When you book assisted travel we can arrange the following. 

  • Making a ramp available to get you on and off the train
  • Guiding you through the station and on or off the train 
  • Finding you a seat on the train 
  • Reserving a seat or wheelchair space, if this is possible, on our services or those of other rail companies 
  • Help with making connections with other train companies in one single booking 
  • Help with luggage


Booking assisted travel and planning your journey

There are several ways that you can book assisted travel. 

  • Call our Assisted Travel team: 03330 050 501
  • Next Generation Text service 18001 03330 050 501 (for people with hearing and speech difficulties)
  • Visit our website
  • Opening times: 8am to 8pm every day (except Christmas Day)

Or contact our Assisted Travel team before you travel:-


Will tsation staff help me to taxis or other means of transport?

At stations with assistance staff, they can help passengers to taxis or the designated pick-up point. If you have not booked assisted travel, please ask a member of platform staff. They will be happy to help, but there might be a delay. At Holyhead station, we can help you to the ferry check-in desk.