Mobility scooter guidelines

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Mobility scooter guidelines

  • Scooters should be a maximum of 120cm (48 inches) long and 70cm (28 inches) wide so they fit on the anti-slip surface of our ramps.
    • Our Class 158 trains on the Cambrian Lines and other long distance routes can only take wheelchairs or scooters measuring up to 58cm wide.
  • The combined weight of the scooter and passenger cannot exceed 300kg (660lbs).
  • The turning radius must be a maximum of 90cm (36 inches).
  • Scooters have to be able to climb a gradient to board the train.
  • Scooters must have freewheel/brake release and an anti-tipping device.

Users must be able to transfer to a seat on the train. Examples of wheelchairs and scooters allowed on board:

Images of 1. A Wheelchair 2. A motorised two wheel scooter 3. A motorised 3 wheel scooter

4 wheel Small Scooter also permitted
An example of the type of large four-wheel scooter we can't carry on board:

An image of a large 4 wheel motorised scooter

If your wheelchair or mobility scooter is larger than the permitted dimensions and in excess of 300kg, we can't accept it for these safety reasons:

  • The wheelchair or scooter won't be able to turn corners on board the train
  • The combined weight of the passenger and wheelchair or scooter may be heavier than the maximum Safe Working Load (300kg) of the access ramp between the train and the platform.

Help getting on and off the train

We'll always do our best o help you whether you're travelling at short notice or have booked assistance in advance. For the most effective service we recommend booking assistance at least 24 hours before you travel (you can book further in advance if you prefer).

Contact our Assisted Travel team (daily from 0800-2000, except 25-26 December):

  • Online
  • By phone: 03330 050 501
  • Or textphone: 0845 758 5469

You can check the list of stations that are fully wheelchair and powered mobility scooter accessible in our booklet: Making Rail Accessible: Helping older and disabled customers. If you've got any questions about the accessibility of the stations you're visiting, give our Customer Relations team a call on 03333 211 202.


We offer reservations free of charge on most of our services, subject to availability. Look for the diamond symbol in the timetable or contact our Assisted Travel team.
You can normally make a reservation from up to 12 weeks in advance until 1800 on the day before you travel.

Making a reservation means:

You'll get a dedicated wheelchair/powered mobility scooter space

  • You're close to the accessible toilet (on the Class 158 and Class 175 trains we run on our longer distance services)
  • You have enough room to manoeuvre your wheelchair or scooter

If you travel without a reservation, the dedicated wheelchair/powered mobility scooter spaces might be full or become occupied later in the journey. You may have to wait in the vestibule area until a dedicated space is available or consider travelling on the next available service. In all circumstances, a wheelchair or mobility scooter user with a reservation takes priority.

Although they're reservable, our locomotive hauled trains between Holyhead, Manchester and Cardiff (in both directions) don't have accessible toilets. And the train doors can only be opened using the external door handle. We recommend travelling on alternative train services on these routes, which have accessible toilets and power operated doors.

You can't make a reservation on the following routes:

  • Cardiff and¬†Valleys network
  • Wrexham to Bidston Line
  • Conwy Valley Line between Llandudno and Blaenau Ffestiniog
  • Local services between Pembroke Dock and Swansea
  • Local services between Maesteg, Cardiff and Cheltenham Spa

Further information

You don't need a permit to travel on our trains with a mobility scooter, but check that your scooter meets our suitability guidelines.

  • Where your journey involves more than one train company, we recommend checking with our Assisted Travel team that scooters can be carried on all the services you're travelling on.
  • Powered wheelchairs and mobility scooters must not exceed walking speed (3-4mph) within stations and on platforms.
  • Stay clear of the platform edge until the train has come to a complete stop and wait until the ramp is fully in position before boarding. Always follow the instructions and guidance of our station and on train staff. You must unload any luggage or shopping before using the ramp.
  • Some powered mobility scooters can be folded into components no larger or heavier than normal luggage. We can carry these types of scooters on all our trains. Make sure the scooter is folded ready for boarding before the train arrives. Our station or on train staff can help with storage if necessary.
  • For safety reasons you're not allowed to sit on a scooter during your journey and must be able to walk to a nearby seat. As space on our services is limited, wheelchair users will have priority over the designated wheelchair/mobility scooter spaces.

For any questions about our Mobility Scooter Policy, contact our Customer Relations team on 03333 211 202 or email