Driving transport reform in South East Wales

The Burns Delivery Unit was established in January 2021 to accelerate implementation of the 58 recommendations of Lord Burns and the South East Wales Transport Commission (SEWTC).

The work aims to provide alternatives to journeys on the M4 and encourage the use of public transport and active travel in the region.

The Unit is resourced by Transport for Wales. This brings together the expertise of our transport planning and development team including rail, bus, and active travel to ensure the development of an integrated network. Support from a wider technical team is provided when needed. The funding for this work is provided by the Welsh Government.

The Board is formed of Welsh Government, Transport for Wales, Network Rail and the local authorities of Cardiff, Newport, and Monmouthshire. It is independently chaired by Professor Simon Gibson CBE and Dr Lynn Sloman MBE.

Working with local authorities, stakeholders and through consultation with the public, the Burns Delivery Unit is progressing plans for the delivery of new rail, bus and active travel infrastructure that will form a ‘network of alternatives’ for the region. Other recommendations in progress include changes to network policies, encouraging travel behaviour change, transport governance, land use and planning.


The Burns Delivery Board Chairs’ Annual Report:

Read more about the work of the Burns Delivery Unit in the Chairs’ Annual report.

2022/2023 - The Burns Delivery Board Chairs’ Annual Report

2021/2022 - The Burns Delivery Board Chairs’ Annual Report


Open consultations

There are currently no open consultations.


  • Closed consultations
    • Newport Central Travel Improvement

    • Newport City Council and Transport for Wales want to improve the experience of travelling to Newport Railway Station, the Riverfront and through Old Green. It’s currently quite difficult to move between these locations because of busy roads and complicated junctions. This proposal is all about making it easier for you to travel by bus, walking and cycling. This consultation closed on 6 April 2023 but you can still access further information on the website.

    • Newport Central Travel Improvement Survey

    • Severn Tunnel Junction Access

    • We consulted on several options which aim to improve access to the rail network and surrounding transport connections. This consultation closed on 11 March 2022 but you can still access further information on the website.

    • Severn Tunnel Junction Acccess survey

    • Cardiff and Newport Active Travel and Bus corridor

    • With your help, we hope to introduce high-quality bus and cycling routes on the A48 and NCN88 between Cardiff and Newport. All improvements will offer better opportunities to travel by bus, cycle, or foot, and reduce reliance on car trips between Cardiff and Newport. This consultation closed on 11 March 2022 but you can still access further information on the website.

    • Active Travel and Bus corridor


Our ambition to create an accessible, sustainable and efficient transport system that contributes to the wellbeing of future generations is at the heart of our work. Your feedback will ensure the chosen schemes meet the needs of users.

A summary of responses will be shared here soon.