Metro is the biggest upgrade to public transport in Wales for generations.

We’ll be delivering the project carefully and considerately with our selected partners to give you the public transport system you deserve.


Metro: A guide for communities

Metro - A guide for communities


Work has started

We've started work on Metro, a modern integrated public transport system which will transform the way we travel. It’ll feature brand-new electrically powered tram-trains; faster, more frequent services along with upgraded and entirely new stations. 

Metro is scheduled to launch in 2023, and will require an unprecedented amount of work from electrifying over 170km of track for our new electrically powered tram-trains to the building several entirely new stations, as well as upgrades to existing facilities. 

We're working with carefully selected partners to deliver this scheme and will be acting with the utmost care and sensitivity to the estimated 50,000 properties within 200 metres of our railways lines, as well as the environment. 


Keeping you informed

To deliver Metro there will be some temporary disruptions first. This includes changes to our services, road closures, and engineering and vegetation clearance at night.

We’ll also need to maintain our railways once Metro is completed. So, you’ll be seeing us in the future when we return to manage line-side vegetation, replace tracks and repair bridges when they’ve been damaged by high vehicles. 

We’ll be writing to residents and businesses who'll be affected by our work in advance, but as some activities need us to respond at short notice – for instance, bridge strikes – we won’t always be able to let you know. 


Stay in touch

To stay informed on disruptions and potential disturbances caused by our extensive work to bring Wales’ public transport up to speed;

A number of South Wales Metro projects have been part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Welsh Government.