Aerial image of Cardiff central

We're building a transport hub in the centre of Cardiff to improve connections between bus, rail, walking and cycling and encourage sustainable travel.

Metro Central will be a transport hub that allows easy use and access to all modes of public transport on a ‘turn up and go’ service in the heart of Cardiff. Proposals include enhancements to Cardiff Central railway station and surrounding areas.


Immediate priorities


We’re enhancing Cardiff Central railway station to alleviate overcrowding and congestion, improve capacity on event days and allow for long-term passenger growth. The enhancements will create Cardiff Capital Region’s principal transport hub and a key Metro station. The enhanced interchange will encourage public transport use, improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions.



Cardiff Bus Interchange will be a brand-new centralised bus facility with 14 bus bays and a range of cafes and shops.

The interchange will improve connections and help people make more sustainable travel choices.


Active travel

Initially we’ll be working with our partners and looking to introduce 1,000 high-quality cycle parking spaces which we’re looking to deliver as part of the planned enhancements and surrounding master planning around Cardiff Central station.

As part of Cardiff’s exciting new active travel infrastructure, these spaces will help people to travel more sustainably by public transport.


Connecting different modes of transport

Making sure that different modes of transport link with each other in this area will take many forms, from improved cycle parking within this transport hub which we’re looking to deliver in collaboration with our partners, improved wayfinding and information to physical infrastructure changes including exploring options for weather protection.


Longer-term projects


Our longer-term ambitions for rail at Cardiff Central will focus on linking in with the South Wales Mainline and the link to Cardiff Bay.


Connecting different modes of transport

We’ll continue to work with Cardiff Council to link bus and rail travel with active travel (walking and cycling) to enable people to make complete journeys using public transport, whether they live locally or are visiting the city.