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Our longer-term ambitions for rail will focus on extending the network further into our rural communities; improving access to jobs and services for some of our remotest towns and villages.

We'll also look to electrify the rail network in order to decarbonise and improve the environmental impact of our trains in South West Wales.


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We'll work in partnership with Local Government and the Private Bus Operators to deliver a cohesive network of routes across Wales and will strive to position bus travel as an attractive and efficient mode of travel across the region.

We also plan to introduce integrated ticketing allowing for a more seamless and less complicated ticketing system for Wales.


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  Integrated Transport

We'll continue to work across bus, rail and active travel modes to improve the integration of journeys using active travel and local journeys.

This integration will take many forms, from improved cycle parking at rail and bus stations, through to demand-responsive public transport services, and integrated ticketing which can be used across bus and rail services.