South Wales Metro Phase 2 Interim Evaluation

Transport for Wales’ South Wales Metro Phase 2 (SWMP2) project is funded by the Welsh Government, the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the UK Government and the CCR local authorities. Further detail on SWMP2 is provided in Chapter 2 of the interim evaluation report.  

The conditions of the ERDF grant funding require an evaluation of the nine ERDF-funded operations under SWMP2 to be undertaken following completion of the project. This evaluation will be a relatively focused exercise concentrated largely on confirming completion of the agreed project deliverables set out in each of the nine operations within SWMP2, and identifying their impact on connectivity. 

The evaluation is split into two phases:

Final evaluation
An evaluation stage in which the outputs (as identified in the logic maps below) of the ERDF-funded works are evaluated and a structure to facilitate the evaluation of the longer-term outcomes and impacts of SWMP2 is established. This stage includes the final process evaluation and CCT evaluation. 

In late 2020, the Welsh Government commissioned Stantec UK Ltd, in partnership with Loxley Consultancy and Beaufort  Research to undertake the evaluation of SWMP2. This contract has since been novated to Transport for Wales as the ‘lead  beneficiary’ of the ERDF funding.  

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