Cardiff is an ideal place for meeting up with friends or family.

With eateries and bars providing a wealth of cuisines to suit everyone's tastes and budget, there is something for everyone! Take the stress out of ordering taxis or nominating a designated driver when you can hop on board and be there in under 15 minutes.

Live departures and arrivals
  • What types of train tickets can you get?
    • Our new fleet of trains are better for the environment and kinder to your wallet! We have been keeping travel costs fair since 2016 and will continue to support our customers this way. We present a selection of tickets, from Off-peak to First-class, and included are budget-friendly options too. Click here for details.
  • What are the accessibility options for TfW trains?
    • Accessibility for all is something we feel deeply passionate about. We are constantly striving to make everywhere accessible by all. If you have an impairment, then we can assist you on your journey or if you prefer we can provide audio guides for those who strive for independance. To view all of our help or book assisted travel with us, please click here for more details.
  • What are the ways to buy your ticket?
    • You can purchase tickets remotely via the website, our free to download mobile rail app, or over the phone. However, you can still buy them in person if you prefer, just pop along to your nearest station or wait until you're on the train and speak to the ticket inspector.