You can now easily purchase local train tickets on your high street.

If you live in the South Wales Metro area, you can now buy selected TfW train tickets from participating Payzone retailers, using cash or card.

So, next time you’re in the high street picking up the essentials, why not take the opportunity to save time and buy your train ticket too?

It’s quick and easy. Just look for the window sticker to find stores involved or see the full list of participating stores here.

Not sure where your nearest Payzone is? You can find more information on all Payzone store locations by visiting the Payzone website.


Where can I go?

Click here to view or download our network map


Tickets available at Payzone retailers include:

Ticket type Restrictions
Anytime day Single Ticket can only be used for one outward journey per passenger.
Anytime day Return Ticket can only be used for one outward journey and one return journey. Return travel must be on the same date as the outward journey.

Small Group Day Return

Only available for short distance journeys. The group must make each journey together as the ticket will not be valid for incomplete groups. The number of passengers travelling must not exceed the number printed on the ticket. Children over five can’t travel for free on this ticket. Return travel must be the same date as the outward journey.

Railcards are accepted for Payzone tickets subject to the railcard terms and conditions. You can find more information on our different ticket types here.

Please note, you’ll only be able to refund tickets purchased from a Payzone retailer at a participating Payzone store. You won’t be able to get a refund on your tickets at our railway stations or from our Customer Relations team. There’s a £5 admin fee for refunds.

For more information about refunds click here.

Terms and conditions apply. For Payzone Terms and conditions, please click here.