Ferry times between Wales and Ireland

The easiest and fastest way to find train and ferry timetables is by using our journey planner.


Engineering Works

To find out if your journey is affected by engineering works, you can check our online journey planner or app before you book.


Connection Times

You must leave a gap of at least 30 minutes between the arrival of your train and the departure of your ferry.


Check Before You Travel

Sailings can be greatly affected by the weather, so we recommend that you check your journey before you set out. Visit our Travel Updates page to check your Transport for Wales journey.

To check your crossing, contact your Ferry company directly.


For crossings with Stena Line on the following routes:

  • Fishguard to Rosslare
  • Holyhead to Dublin Ferry Port
  • Liverpool to Belfast

Contact details:


For crossings with Irish Ferries on the following route:

  • Holyhead to Dublin Ferryport

Contact details:


Ferry Times

These can change at short notice, so please check with your operator before you travel.

Central Corridor (Holyhead / Dublin)

Holyhead Dublin Ferryport
0240 0555
0830 1145
1410 1725
2015 2330


Dublin Ferryport Holyhead
0200 0515
0805 1130
1430 1745
2055 0020


Holyhead Dublin Port Stena
0230 0545*
0855 1210
1400 1715
2030 2345


Dublin Port Stena Holyhead
0215 0545
0810 1150
1450 1820
2040 0001


*There are no trains available for the ferry arriving in Dublin Port at 05.45.  You will need to make your own way to Dublin from this Ferry.

South Corridor (Fishguard / Rosslare)

Fishguard Harbour Rosslare Harbour
1310 1625
2345 0400


Rosslare Harbour Fishguard Harbour
0800 1115
1810 2125


Liverpool Belfast
1030 1830
2230 0630


Belfast Liverpool
1030 1830
2230 0630


Please check the Irish Rail website information about connecting trains at Rosslare.