The Railway Byelaws help keep you safe on the railway.

They cover trains, track and stations across the country. You must follow the rules of the Byelaws when using the Railway.

You can download a copy from the Department for Transport website and get more information from Goverment Railway Byelaws website.


Conduct and behaviour

We want you to have a safe and comfortable journey. The Byelaws protect you against Antisocial and dangerous behaviour. They also contain restrictions on smoking, loud music and items you can bring onto the railway. 


Equipment and safety

The Byelaws are clear on safety. Your safety - and the safety of others using and working on the Railway - is extremely important. This includes the protection of premises and equipment. 


Control of premises

For safety reasons, we limit access to some parts of the railway, such as tracks and embankments. Other areas are restricted to a particular purpose. For example you are not allowed to ride a bike on a station platform. 


Travel and fares

We have a range of tickets available. Use our journey planner to find the best fare for your journey.