Your safety is important to us.

As we start work on Metro, please stay aware when you're near the Core Valleys Lines. Our rail network is safe, but sadly accidents can still happen. 

We're working hard to deliver Metro – from the electrification of over 170km of track to upgrades to facilities and the building of entirely new stations. Specialist contractors and engineers are helping us transform transport, but it’s vital that you stay out of the sites and units where we’ll be working.


Overhead Line Electrification

With the electrification of our rail lines please take care. High voltage electricity will be required to power our new tram-trains. Trespassing on the railway is a dangerous and illegal. Our services will be faster, quieter and more frequent than ever before so it’s important to stay safe and stay off the line. 


Level crossings

Please treat level crossings (where roads and railways meet) with caution, whether you’re on foot, on your bike, or in the car. Always obey any alarms, warning signals or lights, and if the level crossing is permanently closed never attempt to cross. 


More information

For more information on staying safe you can:


If you have any queries or concerns please contact our Rail Services team.