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Our ‘Passenger Assist’ meeting points and dedicated team ensure that rail transport is accessible and inclusive for everyone.

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It’s important we ensure that all passengers, regardless of their ability, can travel by rail and that our services and products are accessible and inclusive for everyone. In the UK, there are 13.9 million people living with a disability.

In England and Wales, 1 in 5 people has a disability that limits their daily activities, which can include the ability to use public transport.

This year, we were proud to introduce the ‘Passenger Assist’ service, a free service offered by train operators nationally which allows passengers to receive assistance to travel safely, easily and comfortably. Assistance can involve support in traversing the station, making a connection, onward travel, finding a seat, or even the deployment of ramps. ‘Passenger Assist’ is not just a service for the disabled community. It is also available for older customers, pregnant women and anyone requiring assistance with luggage.

Customers can book the service in advance, upon arrival at stations or while on board trains.

Passenger Assist

‘Passenger Assist’ meeting points were first introduced at Cardiff Central, which sees more than 12 million passenger journeys every year. The service was well received and will be replicated at other staffed stations over the next three years. Meeting points have been introduced at station entrances. The areas include seating and are recognizable by their distinctive blue colour and five symbols which represent the main sectors of the disabled and mobility impaired community.

The meeting points allow rail staff to identify customers who require assistance while also making those who are waiting for assistance more comfortable. Our Passenger Assist Team is dedicated to supporting vulnerable customers or those in need of a helping hand. ‘Passenger Assist’ underpins TfW’s objective to ensure that all our passengers can travel by rail safely and confidently

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Through customer engagement, TfW has established a better understanding of our customers’ needs and developed tangible and long lasting community relationships. These relationships inform operations and improve how services are developed, designed and delivered

Dr. Robert Gravelle

Accessibility and Inclusion Manager