Creating a Wales that we all want to live in, now and in the future

Our commitment to sustainable development is focused on improving the economic, social, environmental, and cultural well-being of Wales. 


Protecting and promoting cultural heritage  

Our cultural heritage influences regional, local, and cultural identity and makes a significant contribution to quality of life, including access, accessibility, and social inclusion. It contributes to knowledge, education, understanding, and the local and regional economy. It provides recreation opportunities and employment. It is also a powerful force in sustainable development. 

Transport networks connect people and places; they are fundamental to social, economic, environmental, and cultural well-being. That’s why we’re working hard to respect and share the legacy of our railway for present and future generations. We’re protecting historical features of cultural significance and promoting the heritage and history of the railway network and its people so that memories and knowledge live on. 


Developing a vibrant culture

Our historical assets, such as station buildings, help to create a sense of place and local identity. They provide opportunities for communities to culturally connect with a sense of place and space. 

We’re transforming our transport network while protecting and enhancing our buildings and landscape so that we leave a meaningful legacy for the future, whilst respecting that of the past.