Our commitment to biodiversity

Protecting our natural environment for future generations is a priority for us.

Many of our railways, roads and walking and cycling paths are rich in wildlife. They’re home to many different species of flora and fauna that use these habitats for shelter, feeding and breeding. That’s why we’re working hard to protect the biodiversity and ecosystems found across Wales’ transport network.


Biodiversity Action Plan

Our Biodiversity Action Plan sets how we protect and enhance biodiversity while delivering a better, more integrated and more sustainable transport network. We have five main objectives:

  1. We’ll ensure a no net loss of biodiversity in our operations by 2024
  2. We promise to communicate and engage with our staff, stakeholders and the public about the work we’re doing and why 
  3. We’re mainstreaming biodiversity into our operations as standard, always informed by best practice 
  4. Collaboration and engagement with stakeholders, wildlife organisations and local communities is hugely valuable and is essential to ensure the continued longevity and success of any biodiversity conservation work we do now, and in the future 
  5. Our commitment to biodiversity extends far beyond simply doing what we’re required to do - we want to do everything we possibly can to maximise biodiversity and we have ambitious visions for how we can do this. We want to exemplify as a leader in urban and rural transport networks and in promoting Wales as leading the way as a first-class sustainable tourist destination.