Stay safe, plan ahead and be a responsible traveller

The safety and well-being of our customers and staff continues to be our top priority.


Before you travel

  • Plan your journey. Check for more information on your bus
  • Don’t travel if you’re feeling unwell


During your journey 

  • Think about wearing a face covering on buses and at bus stops.
  • Walk or cycle on shorter journeys if you can.
  • Keep any windows open to help ventilation.
  • Be respectful - anti-social behaviour isn’t acceptable anywhere on our network.
  • Keep your distance - Coronavirus is still in our communities, help us continue to Keep Wales Safe by keeping a respectful distance from others if you can.


Travelling in Wales

You can view the Welsh Government's latest travel guidance here.


Travelling outside Wales

You’ll need to follow the guidance for England, Scotland and Northern Ireland


Bus and rail timetables

If you’re travelling by bus, please check your local bus operator’s website for more information. 

You can check your local operators here

Our rail services are running on a reduced timetable. If you’re travelling by train, please use our Capacity Checker


Traveline Cymru works in partnership with bus operators and local authorities to provide public transport information across Wales for bus, coach and train, as well as walking and cycling routes.



fflecsi is a new pilot service run by local bus operators. We’ve designed fflecsi to carry passengers as safely as possible and knowing how many passengers we’re picking up means we can send the right size vehicle.

To book our fflecsi service: