• Are there any coronavirus restrictions to travelling on public transport?
    • While there are currently no travel restrictions. You can find the latest guidance for Wales here

      We’re encouraging everyone to continue to travel safer and be a responsible traveller by:

      Before you travel

      • Plan your journey. Some of our services can be busy. Find trains with space our Capacity Checker.
      • Go contactless and buy your ticket from our app. Ticket checks are in operation.
      • Don’t travel if you’re feeling unwell.

      During your journey

      • We recommend you wear a face covering on our trains and in our station buildings.
      • Walk or cycle on shorter journeys if you can.
      • Keep any windows open to help ventilation.
      • Be respectful – anti-social behaviour isn’t acceptable anywhere on our network.
      • Keep your distance – Coronavirus is still in our communities, help us continue to Keep Wales Safe by keeping a respectful distance from others if you can.
  • How can I be sure that public transport services are clean?
    • Public transport vehicles and trains are continuing to be thoroughly cleaned in line with the Welsh Government’s guidelines. Our Cleaning teams are regularly and thoroughly cleaning heavily used areas such as tables, handles, ticket machines and anywhere passengers may regularly touch, this includes station areas. There’s been research published to highlight the safety on trains and at stations, and you can read a recent BBC report here

  • Do I need to have had a negative test to travel?
    • No, you don’t need to take a Covid test to travel on public transport, but we’d encourage you to take a lateral flow before you travel, if you can. Please don’t travel if you’re feeling unwell, even if you’re showing minor symptoms. 

      If you’re showing symptoms, please follow the latest government guidance here.

  • Do I need to have had a vaccine to travel on public transport?
    • No, you don’t need to have had a covid vaccine to travel on public transport in the UK.

      Please don’t travel if you’re feeling unwell, even if you’re showing minor symptoms. 

  • Will my temperature be taken before travel?
    • No, your temperature won’t be taken before you use public transport. If you have a high temperature or if you’re showing any symptoms of the coronavirus, please do not travel.

  • Is there a track and trace system in place on public transport, like in restaurants and cafés?
    • No, due to the open nature of our network, with lots of unstaffed stations, this is not available on public transport. However, we’re encouraging people to avoid travelling if they’re feeling unwell or if they’re show any signs of symptoms, however minor.

  • I don’t drive, but my colleague has offered me a lift into work – is car share allowed?
    • Yes, it is. Please also consider whether you can cycle or walk to your destination or use public transport.

      There are some things you can do to help minimise the safety risks:

      • wear a face covering if you can
      • keep the number of passengers to a minimum
      • keep windows open for good ventilation
      • face away from other passengers, wherever possible
      • vehicle should be cleaned regularly using standard cleaning products with focus on high contact areas, such as door handles