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Autumn is always a challenging period for the rail industry, and despite hard work from teams right across Wales, it often significantly affects our customers. We’ve compared the data from Autumn 2019 so far, and Autumn 2018, to see the impact our preparation work has made on the service we deliver. Autumn and winter conditions are still affecting us and our customers, but this is some of the comparative data so far.


Autumn 2019 Joint Review of Autumn Preparations and Delivery

Supplementary Information Joint Review of Autumn Preparations and Delivery


Rail Performance


Our passengers deserve a high quality, reliable and punctual service, so we’ve introduced a new set of performance metrics, unique to TfW, focussed on delivering a greater experience for our passengers. 

In the past, rail targets were measured by Public Performance Measures which meant that it would be acceptable for a train to be late for most of a journey but arrive on time at last scheduled stop. Often this would be achieved by missing stops to ‘catch up’ with the timetable.

TfW doesn’t believe that this approach is  right for our passengers, so we’re measuring two essential targets, to help improve our services and customers’ journeys: Passenger Time Lost and Short Formations. 

Passenger Time Lost is a new metric which measures average lateness at multiple stops on a journey, allowing  us to track our customers’ experiences with the aim to ensure that passengers arrive at their destination on time. 
Short Formations takes in account of capacity, where it measures the percentage of services that operate below the capacity required in the timetable 

We’re aiming to provide our customers with the best possible service and believe that these new targets ensure that passengers are not consistently impacted by cancellations and missed station stops during times of disruption.

Indicative Current Period Performance Stats

Some particular service affecting incidents are reviewed with Network Rail and Transport for Wales, and therefore need to be investigated thoroughly before resolving. Due to this, performance results are indicative only when first published on the website and can differ slightly to 4 weeks later when such reviewed incidents are then resolved.

Previous Period Performance Stats

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer Satisfaction Survey May 2019