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Eight miles north of Wrexham, on the Borderlands line Buckley station serves the rural town of Buckley. Opened in March 1890 as Buckley Junction, it was renamed in 1974 and is the only remaining station of three that served Buckley.

The Flintshire town is the second largest in the county, and has its roots in the coal and pottery industries, becoming increasingly important during the Industrial Revolution, and by the start of the 1800s, the town was home to 14 potteries. With coal seams lying close to the surface just under a layer of clay, the two industries worked well together, and the town expanded as workers moved in, many from Ireland and Liverpool.

Known for their distinctive accent originating from the influx of Liverpudlian and Irish workers, the people of Buckley often use unique colloquialisms that few ‘outsiders’ understand.


  • How long does it take to walk from Buckley station to Buckley town centre centre?

    • Follow the A549 from Buckley station, and the walk to the town centre takes around 20 minutes. 
  • What car parking facilities are available at Buckley station?

    • The station has spaces for 13 cars to be parked. 
  • What facilities are there for bike storage at Buckley station?

    • There are enough sheltered storage facilities for 10 bikes at Buckley station.
  • What other facilities are available at Buckley station?

    • Coin and card telephones
    • Disabled access - the station is step-free throughout, and has induction loops available
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