Work on the Treherbert line

We’ll be closing the railway from Pontypridd to Treherbert from 29 April 2023 to late January/early February 2024. This is so we can deliver our biggest programme of works to date as part of building the South Wales Metro.

The Treherbert line has some of the oldest equipment and infrastructure across the entire Core Valley Lines, dating back to early 1930’s. During this eight-month closure, we have a significant amount of work to do to modernise this section of railway.


Our work

  • Remove the old ‘Token Exchange Signalling System’ and install a brand-new signalling system for the entire line.
  • Divert huge gas and water mains which are obstructing us from electrifying the railway.
    Install equipment to allow trains to run using electricity, including foundation piling, and adding masts and wiring.
  • Build new station platforms at Treherbert, Ynyswen and Dinas Rhondda.
  • Build new track along the line and new passing loops between Ynsywen and Treherbert, Ton Pentre and Ystrad Rhondda, and Porth to Dinas Rhondda.
  • Build a new footbridge at Ynyswen and Dinas Rhondda.
  • Install level boarding at various stations.
  • Install new and refurbished toilets, waiting rooms and shelters. We’re also installing or upgrading help points, CCTV cameras, ticket vending machines, smart ticket validators, Wi-Fi and customer information systems.


Bus replacement information

Trains won’t be able to run during the works so we’re asking our passengers to check before travelling.

We’re running a rail replacement bus service throughout the Rhondda.

From Monday 5th June, our long-term Treherbert bus replacement plan will then start:

  • A “core” timetable of one bus every 30 minutes, stopping at all stations.
  • A “semi-express” AM and PM service for peak travel times. This will reduce journey times and add improve capacity.
  • A dedicated school bus plan for Treorchy Comprehensive school.
  • Rail replacement bus stops
    • To safely manage the operation of replacement buses in and out of Pontypridd Station, the front of the station is closed for drop off/pick up access. Disabled access will remain open, and staff will be placed at the station entrance to assist.

    • We apologise for any inconvenience.

    • Pontypridd - Treherbert
  • Rail replacement bus stop maps
    • Treherbert

    • Treherbert
    • Ynyswen

    • Ynys-wen | Ynyswen
    • Treorchy

    • Treorci | Treorchy

    • Ton Pentre

    • Ton Pentre
    • Ystrad Rhondda

    • Ystrad Rhondda
    • Llwynypia

    • Llwynypia

    • Tonypandy

    • Tonypandy
    • Dinas Rhondda

    • Dinas Rhondda

    • Porth

    • Porth
    • Trehaford

    • Trehafod

We’ll continuously review this plan and amend as needed throughout these works.

To make it easier for our customers, we’ll have colleagues on hand at key locations, working closely between train and bus connections to offer help and advice when needed. There’ll also be enhanced wayfinding and signage at all stations and stops. We have extra vehicles available to respond to any operational or capacity issues as they arise.

Our journey checker tool will be updated with the replacement bus information.

We’re always looking at improving customer experience and your honest feedback on the survey will help us shape our rail replacement services in the future.


Discounted travel

During the time that we are carrying out the work on the Treherbert line, we’ll be offering 50% off the cost of travel for people living and travelling in the Rhondda. The offer will apply for journeys wholly on the Treherbert line and journeys between stations on the line and locations through to Cardiff Central.

Any customer who has a pre-existing ticket will be able to use the ticket on the replacement bus during the closure of the line.

Customers affected by this blockade, who live and travel between Treherbert and Trehafod are able to get a 50% off Rhondda Railcard which will be valid for travel during the period of disruption. For more information click here.


Would you like more information?

The Welsh Government and TfW are committed to an ambitious programme of Metro improvements known as the Core Valleys Lines (CVL) Transformation. This transformation project has been part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund.


Did you know?

Did you know the Treherbert line is currently operated by a Token Exchange Signalling System?

Token exchange in a railway is a physical object which a train driver is required to have or see, entering it into the token unit before travelling onto a particular section of single track. The token is endorsed with the names of the section it belongs to, i.e. Treherbert, Tonypandy. 

This is the machine that operates the Treherbert line: