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The Metro will improve the existing rail network and services by increasing the frequency of services to and from mainline and local stations. 

We're developing a range of new railway stations and services to enable greater access across the network. We expect to bring railway connections to communities with no rail access; opening new sustainable links to employment and key services across the region. 


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Bus has a far greater reach into our communities across Wales and will therefore be an area of significant improvement in the coming years.

We'll work in collaboration with Welsh Government and Local Government to deliver improvements to the quality of the vehicles used to bring improvements to customer experience and air quality.

We'll also work with Local Government to improve the major bus routes to bring faster and more reliable journey times, which connect with rail and active travel services. We expect to focus early efforts in the Swansea Bay, Carmarthen and Haven Waterway areas, but improvements will extend to wider areas in the coming years.


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  Active travel

We'll build upon the considerable work begun by Local Authorities over the past few years to deliver better connections for walking and cycling to and from our key transport hubs across the region.

By providing safer, more attractive walking and cycling routes and facilities we will support communities to make active travel an easier and more attractive way to move around our towns, cities and villages. Our early work will focus on improving our railway stations to ensure that walking and cycling journeys can effectively connect people to train stations.