Whether your trip to Bridgend is for business or you're looking forward to a day out exploring the Welsh town, catching the train there gives you the chance to relax, catch up with work via our free WiFi, or just enjoy the glorious countryside knowing that choosing to take the train eliminates those harmful chemical emissions that road traffic produces.

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  • What types of train tickets can you get?
    • Choosing to travel by train saves you money and effort. Reducing road and parking stress, we also have a wide range of budget friendly ticket options, including season tickets and travelcards. So if it's Off-peak you're after, you fancy being pampered in First Class, or you're taking the kids for a day out, click here for all our special offers.
  • How to download our TfW app?
    • Click on the appropriate link for your phone, either iPhone or Android, and download our free app. Giving you access to a wide range of benefits, including ticket purchasing wherever you are, station fast tracking, and exclusive special offers on fares, having the app to hand makes sense.
  • What are the accessibility options for TfW trains?
    • We aim to increase accessibility to all our stations and trains in the very near future and are in the process of rolling out improvements to do just that. These include the innovative Changing Places toilet facilities, wider wheelchair spaces and ensuring station signage is easy to read. To find out more about our network accessibility plans, click here.