Travelling from Abergavenny to Hereford, whether for business or pleasure, is easy by train.

Taking approximately half an hour, and with multiple services running throughout the day, there are plenty of deals to be had. Our Advanced tickets or Anytime offers allow complete flexibility with planning your day out in Hereford.

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This gloriously beautiful medieval city has so much to offer - activities, culture, and, of course, shopping, that you’ll be tempted to stay on to see more the next day! 

If you are into history, a trip to Hereford Cathedral should make it into your itinerary! With its medieval architecture and 12th century Norman stonework, you’ll also find the 13th Century Mappa Mundi – the largest and most detailed medieval map of the world that still survives. 

Also in the Cathedral, head for the Chained Library – the only library of its kind to survive with its chains, rods, and locks still working. This inspired the Game of Thrones’ library at the citadel, which frustrated Sam so much when he couldn’t remove the locked books.

If you are visiting Hereford with your kids, dropping by the Black and White House Museum, also known as the Old House, is a must. Keep them entertained with solving interactive puzzles and let them dress up in period costumes. 

If you come to Hereford to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature, do not forget to visit the Weir Garden – a 10-acre National Trust property, located along the banks of the free-flowing River Wye and comprising of spectacular walled gardens, walks, and ancient Roman ruins, discovered by Channel 4’s Time Team. See if you can spot the otters as they play in the boathouse! 

Whatever your reason, Hereford is really worth visiting, leaving you with some memorable experiences. Download our app, and follow us on Twitter to receive the latest updates, offers and special dates.